comédie de béthune

Comédie de Béthune

The Comédie de Béthune is one of the 38 French national drama art centers. Its main mission is drama play creation with the objective of:

  • Be a regional and national reference point in creating and running plays created internally
  • Look for audience within a large public and reach out to new people
  • Play a key role in preserving traditional theatre jobs
  • Prioritise training and drama acting initiation by working with schools and local universities.

Since 1994, the Comédie de Béthune drives a theatre decentralisation project, along with local authorities, offering shows and plays in local towns. It also organises encounters, workshops and friendly events with visiting or in creation artists, participative projects for shared moments with the public.

Cécile Backès

Cécile Backès

In 2014, Cécile Backès was appointed director to develop an artistic and cultural project which main focus areas are: contemporary creation, local artistic presence, today’s writing styles, young public at the cornerstone of the project. With the team, she focuses on:

  • Today’s writing styles putting in perspective societal themes in their complexity and depth.
  • The unfolding of a creation’s repertoire, fostering projects in their length, often over two seasons, asserting artistic local presence with creations of varied shapes, giving sense to work tribute and touring.
  • The role and purpose of an artists’ group, invested the theatre’s life and benefiting from tailored support.
  • The opening of the program to dance and international collaborations.
  • The viewer’s creativity, offering an individual participative and awareness raising approach to the work.


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