comédie de béthune

Comédie de Béthune

The Comédie de Béthune is one of the 38 French national drama art centers. Its main mission is drama play creation with the objective of:

  • Be a regional and national reference point in creating and running plays created internally
  • Look for audience within a large public and reach out to new people
  • Play a key role in preserving traditional theatre jobs
  • Prioritise training and drama acting initiation by working with schools and local universities.

Since 1994, the Comédie de Béthune drives a theatre decentralisation project, along with local authorities, offering shows and plays in local towns. It also organises encounters, workshops and friendly events with visiting or in creation artists, participative projects for shared moments with the public.

Cédric Gourmelon - photo de Caroline Ablain

Cédric Gourmelon

Cédric Gourmelon, the new director of La Comédie de Béthune – Centre dramatique national since 1 September 2021, is committed to defending the values linked to theatrical decentralisation, which are at the origin of the creation of national drama centres, and which take on their full meaning in this territory, that of the Béthune-Bruay Artois Lys Romane urban community. The Comédie de Béthune is both a place of reference for theatrical creation in France and for the dissemination of great classical and contemporary works, a major production site that irrigates a vast territory by offering travelling forms. The Comédie de Béthune is also a resource centre for companies in the region and the department, a « springboard » for access to the national network. Cédric Gourmelon will develop a production centre to support his creations and those of the associated artists, Pauline Bayle, Tommy Milliot, Louise Vignaud, Thomas Piasecki, and the companion artists Tiphaine Raffier, Baptiste Amann and Jean-François Sivadier.
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